Classic 80's gameplay dragged straight from hell into the present.

This resurrected and twisted fresh approach will become your new addiction as you face your own demons in the dark corridors of Purgatory.

Winner of the Christmas 2010 Train2Game competition our original GameMaker game was converted into a fully commercial iPad app by DR Studios.


In the first of a trilogy of games, it's up to you to help our intrepid little cubes of fizzy liquid travel the galaxy in search of that mystical elixir their dying planet needs to survive known as..... cola!

A match 3 puzzler like no other.....

Horizon Studios are a small team of casual and hardcore game addicts who turned their love for playing games into creating exciting and challenging games for all iOS devices (with a demo of Galoop currently available on PC).

Although our core aim is to develop for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, to date we have worked on creating a number of PC demos as we were finding our programming and creative gaming feet, finding our current limitations and looking at ways to improve upon our capabilities whilst also working through the minefield that is developing for iOS. After investing in a number of engine licenses best suited for 2D and 3D games along with the various necessary export modules we have been furiously working on converting a number of our PC game ideas onto iOS devices, with the prospect of eventually looking towards developing for Windows 8 phones and Android devices.

Typically whilst on a development break towards the end of last year, Apple brought out the iPhone 5 and their new iPod range which meant that we've had to go back to the drawing board slightly on some projects in order to make the most of the new screen sizes, but now we've hit 2013 we're determined to make the start of this year better than the last.

So watch this space for more information on Purgatory and Galoop which are to be our first two self published iOS titles, with the prospect of a follow up to Galoop in the pipeline and maybe developer/artist diaries to follow.