Martin and Kevin from Horizon Studios
Pictured with Dawn, Jack, Aaron and Lewis (our QA team) on our way to Eurogamer 2011


Horizon Studios originally formed back in 2009 through the collaboration of Martin Hastings (CEO/Art Director) and Kevin Tapping (Creative Director).

Soon afterwards Mike Connell (Lead Programmer) and Justin French (Lead Audio/SFX) joined to complete the team.

Although we are mainly a dispersed team working around London and the South of England, Martin and Kevin are based in Epsom Surrey and through careful coordination and meetings run the team from our base there.

Our first project Galoop was a roaring success, prototyped in GameMaker for PC it was an excellent way for the team to get together, to figure out our strengths and weaknesses and work together to take a project from concept to completion. From these humble beginnings we had a great time learning how we all work together and at the same time we started to realise that we had the beginnings of a great game for iOS and began to look into ways of bringing this game to our chosen platform.

We started looking at various other projects that we had discussed in order to figure out the best platform, language or engine that meant we weren't tied to a specific style and after much deliberation we ddecided that Unity3D had all the features and flexibility to turn our ideas into a reality, so through self-funding we purchased the required licenses, registered with Apple and got our heads together on what to do first.

Testing began using Unity for iOS and as a result Purgatory was born. We quickly started piecing together the game's concept, art style, sound and gameplay then began work turning it into a fully professional title for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

As a dedicated and talented team we're looking forward to bringing fresh and unique ideas to the iOS platform whilst working towards bringing the team closer together in the future.

Excited to see this following our first visit to Eurogamer in 2010.